Information on Business Partners

We provide information about the financial standing of your European business partners. Data obtained from banks, research institutes and rating agencies are analysed, evaluated and a report written in English language. This report gives you clear information about the assets and credit related risks of your partner and enables you to decide about the confidence you would like to invest.

Please contact: Markus Jahn, LL.M. (Sydney)



Distribution Agreements

First engagement in Europe is often undertaken using agents and distributors, as they are already in place and in touch with the local market players. We are familiar with all legal and practical issues in this field of law which has been standardised throughout the European Union. Thus, we advise on how and upon which terms and conditions you may set up your own distribution system in Europe. Together with our European partners, we prepare contracts for any European country and assist in their execution.

Please contact: Niklas Graf von Bernstorff, LL.M. (Sydney)



Labour Law

European - particularly German and French - labour laws are a problem for investors, as they are for local companies. However, the numerous acts and provisions offers both chances and risks. Our team of experienced labour lawyers helps you utilise your workforce with maximum efficiency, while minimising ventures and imponderabilities. We draft labour contracts, assist you dealing with the works council and trade unions. Any reorganisation and restructuring which includes shedding of workforce is planned and assisted by our specialists. Our know-how on litigation and alternative dispute resolution rounds off our range of services, which ensures that you stay on top of European labour law.

Please contact: Markus Jahn, LL.M. (Sydney)



Tax Law

You would like to minimise you tax payments in Europe? Our tax law specialists are experts in dealing with complex tax law issues and assist you maximising your after-tax profits. With our know-how on German tax law and our network of first class tax advisers and auditors throughout Europe, we shall find creative solutions for your taxation problems in any European country.
Please contact: Markus Jahn, LL.M. (Sydney)



Customs and Import Regulations

The European Union has a joint customs and import statute. When exporting to or importing from Europe, you have to deal with this complicated set of regulations. Anyhow, we are experienced in all legal and practical aspects of it and give you any support towards national or European authorities. Several of our lawyers gathered vast experience by working for import and export companies before joining us.

Please contact: Niklas Graf von Bernstorff, LL.M. (Sydney)



Product Liability

Fortunately, product liability in Europe is not as outrageous as in the USA. Throughout the European Union liability on products has been standardised. It applies to any product brought on the European market either from outside or from within the European Union. This regime imposes on the producer and the importing party a liability towards the consumer on all safety issues of the products. Please bear in mind that this includes a direct claim of the consumer beyond any contractual relationship and obligation. We take care of an assessment of your risks and provide a vigorous defence against any unjustified claims raised against your company.

Please contact: Dr. York von Amsberg



Immigration Law

Overseas citizens who want to work in Europe require either a residence permit if they are self-employed or a working permit additional to the residence permit if they want to work as employees. Our Immigration Law specialists support your company obtaining the relevant permits before sending employees to Europe.

In Germany, working permits are issued by the Federal Employment Agency. Such permits are more difficult to obtain than residence permits. Anyhow, the following types of employees are treated like self employed people and, therefore, only require a residence permit: managing directors, majority shareholders and senior executives with a general power of representation. In any case, our Immigration Law team drafts the applications and ensures that any questions of the authorities are answered in the right way.

Please contact: Markus Jahn, LL.M. (Sydney)