Setting up & Acquisition of Companies


Our Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) team sets up companies, merges them, transfers their shares or assets and restructures them, if necessary. Combined teams of M&A, tax, finance and labour law specialists take care of your transactions in Europe. Their vast experience in complex matters ensures your easy access to the European market.

Would you like to set up your own business in Europe? We help you find the right location, explain the advantages of the different types of companies available and do the paperwork for you. This also includes immigration law issues like obtaining residence permits for your managers. Thus, we deliver full service when setting up representative offices, agencies and fully operating companies anywhere in Europe. Most of our overseas clients enjoy setting up limited liability companies in Europe’s major economies, like a "G.m.b.H." in Germany, a "Ltd." in Great Britain or a "S.A." in France.

Are you interested in buying an existing company with its well established ties with dealers and customers? We may help you identify a target company. Once it has been found, we examine the situation of the enterprise to be acquired, look into its legal obligations and the risks resulting from it. Furthermore, we provide an auditing of the accounts. We set up a task force of all specialists required, establish the value of the target company, assess and report possible risks and support you in all financing issues.

Besides, we have a good understanding for the strategy, needs and mentality of European sellers. Therefore, we prepare negotiation tactics and assist in face to face negotiations with your business partners. Furthermore, we draft and negotiate all contracts necessary and arrange for fulfilment of all formal legal requirements imposed by public authorities - including any antitrust issues.

Finally, we continue supporting you once a contract has been concluded and the acquisition of the enterprise effected. Then, we take care that you may perfectly establish your position and reorganise the acquired enterprise. This comprises both your relationship to your commercial partners as well as to the staff with all its labour law implications.

Please contact: Niklas Graf von Bernstorff, LL.M. (Sydney)