Intellectual Property Matters



Foreign Intellectual Property Rights

New products may easily infringe intellectual property (= IP) rights existing in Europe. In case of an infringement, the products in question may be confiscated, the producer and his customers may be liable to claims for compensation and even criminal prosecution. In order to avoid such problems, a search for IP rights has to be conducted before first shipment to Europe. Our IP team helps you avoid and minimise problems in several ways:

We have extensive research capacity available to search for registered IP rights. This includes trade marks, invention patents and design patents. Furthermore, we may have market research conducted for products which are similar to yours and available in Europe. Such products may enjoy protection under the laws against unfair competition (passing off) or may be subject to non-registered design patents. Such kinds of protection, too, may lead to your products being confiscated and you and your customers being liable to claims for compensation.

In case colliding IP rights have been found, our lawyers and engineers help you modify your products - as slightly as necessary - to overcome problems. If advisable, we negotiate licensing agreements with the owners of older rights, a transfer of IP rights or launch cancellation or nullification suits against older rights.

In case an infringement has been established by European customs officers, competitors or courts, we defend your company vigorously against unjustified claims. In case of justified claims, we settle the matter and negotiate a favourable solution.

Protection of Your IP in Europe

Your company wants to protect its trade marks, product design or inventions in Europe? We inform you about the options you have and help you decide what should be registered where and how. Together with our co-operating patent attorneys we take care of registration and surveillance of your IP rights. In case of an infringement of your rights, we take care of the prosecution and claims for compensation.

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