For many years, our contract specialists have been drafting and negotiating complex contracts in an international environment. Our clients are medium sized and large companies from Europe and overseas.

We analyse draft contracts which are ruled by German or other European laws – within hours, if necessary. Furthermore, we gather business information about European negotiating partners, evaluate the strength of their negotiating position and examine their financial standing.

We know the mentality of your European business partners, their way of internal decision-making and the position of their negotiators within their business organisation. Therefore, we have a good understanding for their strategies, needs and targets. Based on this knowledge, we prepare tailor made tactics for face to face negotiations and support your negotiators accordingly.

Once a contract has been concluded, we promote your company’s interest in contract execution. We start by informing your staff in non-legal terms about contractual rights and duties and about critical issues to avoid liability. Furthermore, we assist you gathering appropriate evidence in order to prepare, prevent or win possible contract disputes.

If your business partner alleges any shortcoming on your side, we evaluate the legal situation as well as the financial targets in question and support you by negotiating a favourable solution. In case an amicable solution cannot be reached, our experienced litigation team represents you efficiently at court or before arbitration chambers.

Please contact: Dr. York von Amsberg